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Edward Elric
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Character Name: Edward Elric
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist ♥ Post-Movie
Status: Alive // Eighteen // Lost in England

On a surface level, Edward is a child prodigy through and through, prone - more often than not - to fits of internal combustions and (attempted) ass-kicking at the slightest taunt to his height. He's cheerful, often under-estimated at first glance, and all the more willing to prove the opposite in such cases. As a friend, he's invaluable; as a subordinate, shrewdly loyal. Of the 'dogs of the military,' Edward fights for the cause of the people and often lays at risk his own life. It is during those times that his skills as the Fullmetal Alchemist, coined so due to his mechanic arm and leg, prove invaluable.

But skip forward four years into the future of post-World War I, and you'll find a far more mature version of the elder Elric. Embittered by his past, the Edward of present day Romania is far more complex than first appearances would hint. As has always been characteristic of him in the past, he derives motivation from a festering, long-held guilt; his incompetency as a brother - or so he believes - is that which drives his every action, and consequently, becomes the very force that tears him from his only tie to family. For as prodigal as others may view him to be in the realm of alchemy, his emotional stability leaves much to be desired. Constantly, he tries through rocket science to return to his world.

In actuality, all Edward really wants is his little brother back.

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